About Us.

The KMP Media Group is a collection of five companies:

KMP Media | Kohinoor | KMP Productions | K Motion Pictures | KMP Sports

The group focuses on sourcing, creating and distributing innovative entertainment and advertising content solutions for our clients in South Africa and the rest of Southern Africa.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to become the world’s leading global media company from Africa. As a group, we are driven by innovation and creativity, and focus on growth while delivering exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders.

Our Values.

Our core values include Social responsibility, customer focus, excellence in what we do and offer, creativity, integrity and we are driven by growth in our business and industry.

Our History.

  • 2002: Kohinoor Promotions Launched

  • 2009: Advertising and sponsorship business launched

  • 2010: Productions business launched

  • 2011: Deal with Disney formalised

  • 2012: Sports business launched

  • 2013: Co-productions business launched

  • 2013: First COSAFA tournament broadcast and distributed worldwide

  • 2013: COSAFA U-20 Tournament is also a runaway success

  • 2014: Co-productions begin with Namibia and 5 other SADC countries

  • 2015: KMP Media Group gets the rights to COSAFA Cup 2015