We Are KMP Media.

We assist in strategically answering the most common questions in advertising:

  • Where to spend the advertising budget?
  • What is the right media mix?

Our services include strategic media planning, buying, placement & tracking.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the media and entertainment industry, we understand that right media mix is not about one-size-fits-all. We assist media managers in making calculated decisions about what channels will work best in line with the brand’s in-country objectives, business structure, strategies and marketing budgets.

We pride ourselves in consistently delivering greater value to our clients in a transparent manner. We excel in generating original ideas and not afraid of experimenting new techniques. We believe in possibilities and forging better relationships in the industry. We strive for greater understanding based on thorough and on-going research.

We assist in constructing a web of messaging and engagement that allows the right audience to seamlessly follow the brands wherever they are, from radio to TV to mobile phones and digital platforms. We track all media in-house to ensure 100% compliance.

Our Media Platform Services.

Media strategy, planning and buying in Africa. Stringent compliancy monitoring. Post campaign reports. Fingerprinting of TV campaigns. Non-compliancy compensation negotiated.


While TV viewing habits may be changing, TV advertising in Africa remains majorly effective and offer high ROIs. TV ads tell stories and drive deeper engagement with the brands.We offer our services on local, national and regional TV stations on free-to-air, DTT and satellite DTH platforms. We identify and recommend right TV channels, time slots and programmes that reach audiences geographically and psychographically while still offering a wide reach.

We offer TV spots ranging from 5” to 60” ATL spots as well as sponsorships

  • Product & price promotion videos
  • Topical videos that highlight products and encourage viewers to look, read, listen or call.
  • Image videos that focus on the qualities the brands want consumers to associate with. These are designed to build confidence in brands
  • Comparison videos help brands to stand out from their competitors, focusing on products, services or ingredients which no other company has.
  • Customer testimonials focusing on consumers, who look like the target audience, talking about the brands.
  • Bandwagon videos to convince consumers to purchase products because they are important or trendy
  • Proof of performance videos that highlight success of a product and quote eye-popping statistics.

Some of the major TV stations we work with include:

South Africa | DSTV Africa

Botswana | BTV, YTV, Khuduga, Now TV, Access TV

Congo B | TV Congo

Eswatini | Eswatini TV, Channel yemaSwati

Kenya | KTN, Citizen TV, KBC, NTV

Lesotho | LTV

Malawi | MBC, Times TV, Zodiak TV, Mibawa TV, Angaliba

Mauritius | MBC 1, MBC 2, BTV, Cine TV

Mozambique | TVM, TV Miramar, STV

Namibia | NBC TV, One Africa

The DRC | RTNC1, RNTC2, RNTC3, Onewo TV, Raga TV, Digital Congo

Tanzania | TBC 1, TBC 2, Clouds TV, TV E, Independent Television, Star TV, East Africa Television, Channel 10, Capital TV

Uganda | UBC, Magic 1, Star TV, Bukedde 1, Bukedde 2, NTV

Zambia | GOtv, ZNBC TV1, ZNBC TV2, Muvi TV, Diamond TV, QTV, CBCTV 

Zimbabwe | ZBC TV


Radio advertising offers the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a targeted group of consumers. 

Radio in Africa is very cost-effective and great for frequency exposure. It is an extremely accessible medium in Africa – up to 95% of cars and 99% homes have radios.  Over 90% African adults including Gen X & Millennials have listened to radio over last one week. Over 90% listeners stay tuned during a commercial break. With the involvement of hosts, the radio advertising can more conversational. 

We research the programming content of major and relevant stations, have a firm understanding of their target audience and make recommendations to the advertisers based on their needs. We are particularly hands-on with the profiles of the announcers and their styles.  

Buy audience through sponsorships

We can help buy audience through programmes like:

  • Drive time shows
  • Top 20 or 40 countdown shows
  • News
  • Talk shows
  • Sports updates
  • Weather updates

We also offer Pick The Day-parts

We offer radio spots ranging from 10” to 60” and always pick the best placements viz the 1st or the last ad during the commercial break and offer the right frequency for a better recall.

Some of the radio stations we work with are: