KMP Media GroupCooking with Charlotte – Season 1

Cooking with Charlotte – Season 1

An exciting and creative cooking experience with the host “Charlotte” who takes viewers on a culinary journey.

“Cooking with Charlotte” is an inspiring culinary exploration into the wonderful world of chicken dishes. This  series is founded upon three basic fundamentals of life: fresh, flavorful and fun, which are the common threads intertwining each episode.
These chicken recipes are prepared and presented using tried and tested techniques. Along with essential tips and tricks stemming from timeless traditions, this cooking show is for all audiences to personally discover how many delicious dishes they can make with chicken!
Our anchors warm and welcoming ways in the kitchen lends a vibrant quality to the fresh, flavorful food she shares.
In each 4 Min. episode, we demystify seemingly difficult to cook chicken dishes while encouraging audiences to make and master these distinctive and delicious dishes to palate perfection.

Year of Production: 2016

Number of Episodes: 26

PRESENTER: Betty Bandika | DIRECTOR: Shane Knock | PRODUCER: Shane Knock