KMP Media GroupHealth Matters Malaria – Season 1

Health Matters Malaria – Season 1

An informative series aimed at educating the African continent on a deadly epidemic – Malaria.

Recent reports in the media indicate that deaths due to Malaria have doubled in 2011 to 2.4 million. It remains the leading cause of death and disease worldwide, especially in Africa. 75% of these deaths occur in children under 5. It perpetuates poverty.

It is both a cause and consequence of poverty and contributing to the cycle of poverty. Kohinoor Promotions have launched it’s fight against this killer disease with the launch of this series.

This series is aimed at reducing the impact of the disease by educating people that – Malaria can be prevented, diagnosed and treated…

Year of Production: 2013

Number of Episodes: 24

DIRECTOR: Shane Knock | PRODUCER: Shane Knock