KMP Media GroupHealth Matters Nutrition – Season 1

Health Matters Nutrition – Season 1

“Health Matters: Nutrition” is a dynamic, informative lifestyle series aimed at educating people throughout Africa about key health and lifestyle issues by highlighting the importance of a correct and balanced nutritional diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re a health-nut or food-fundi, your quality of life is affected by what you eat.

This season is set in a home, with a family demonstrating the principles of each episode. Series two is presented by a host as well as narrated by a voice-over and is set in a kitchen.

Executed in 2D and 3D animation, motion, graphics, stills and live action, each episode educated on:- Nutritional values of various foods we eat. How various foods impact various aspects of our organ and body functioning.
How our foods improve our physical, mental or emotional health.
How our foods help us fight and prevent ailments.
All in a fun and entertaining way.

Finally each episode ends with how best to use and cook the food to get maximum nutritional benefits.

Year of Production: 2014

Number of Episodes: 26

DIRECTOR: Dominique Masson | PRODUCERs: Dominique Masson & Neetu Singh