KMP Media GroupLearn To Save – Season 1

LEARN TO SAVE – Season 1

An economically savvy series focussing on teaching african audiences how to save money on day to day living.

Economically, times are tough. The cost of living is high, unemployment is high and savings take a back seat. Savings are vital and it is not impossible to save money on any income. All it takes is a willingness to look at every aspect of running a family and household and finding areas to cut, or create solutions to save money, or earn extra. This is the show that provides solutions. Each episode deals with a single way to save money, complete with practical tips.

Season one deals with all aspects of personal finance, from saving to budgeting, to getting out of debt, to what to do to grow your money. The show is presented by a male who epitomises financial savvy and is written with easy-to-understand concepts that are highlighted by graphics, animation and footage.

Year of Production: 2016

Number of Episodes: 26

PRESENTER: Hitekani Victor Magwedze | DIRECTOR: Dominique Masson | PRODUCER: Dominique Masson