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General Entertainment

Kenya’s Premier TV Station. Breaking News / Entertainment / Local TV Shows.

Key Languages: English & Swahili

Estimated no. of viewers: 1 400 000

Key Cities Covered: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret


Family TV Channel

Kenya Television Network (KTN) is a free-to-air television station in Nairobi. It was the first privately owned television network in Africa.

Key Languages: English & Swahili

Estimated no. of viewers: 3 800 000

Key Cities Covered: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation KBC

Information, Education & Entertainment

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is the state-run media organisation of Kenya. It broadcasts in English and Swahili, as well as in most local languages of Kenya.

Key Languages: English & Swahili

Estimated no. of viewers: 11 100 000

Key Cities Covered: Vuria, Lokichuggio, Lodwar, Malindi, Garrisa


General Entertainment

NTV is a local general entertainment channel and is a popular revamp of the previous Nation TV station which has been in existence since 1999. 

Key Languages: English & Swahili

Estimated no. of viewers: 5 200 000

Key Cities Covered: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret



Local Entertainment

Radio Citizen is Kenya’s biggest national station by listener affinity & audience measurement. (Source : Synovate). The presentation is structured and professional. If listeners appreciate the crème of African hit music, Radio Citizen delivers.

Channel Languages: Kiswahili

Estimated no. of listeners: 7 000 000

Major Cities Covered: Nation-wide.

Radio Jambo


Radio Jambo is the biggest Swahili (national language)  radio station in Kenya and boasts the #1 Breakfast and Drive Time shows in the vernacular market. The station has one of the largest national footprints of any privately owned radio station in Kenya with over 30 transmitters countrywide. Predominantly a talk station, it provides Kenyans a platform to discuss relevant social, political, sporting and family matters. 

Key Languages: Swahili

Estimated no. of listeners: 10 800 000

Key Cities Covered: National



Classic FM delivers unparalleled entertainment playing the greatest hits from yesteryear and today. The station transmits to all the major urban centers in the country and targets an 18-45+ audience. Listeners include executives, women, young families and investment-driven individuals with high disposable income. They represent the majority of Kenya’s workforce in the middle to upper income brackets as well as the managerial core of the country.

Key Languages: English

Estimated no. of listeners: 10 400 000

Key Cities Covered: Nation-wide.


Urban Radio

KISS FM is Kenya’s #1 millennial English language station with transmitters covering all of Kenya’s major urban areas. The audience is informed, digital, strongly opinionated, highly educated

Key Languages: English

Estimated no. of listeners: 10 400 000

Key Cities Covered: Nation-wide.

Imani Radio

Christian Radio

Imani Radio is a Christian  station which seeks to build the listeners’ faith 24/7
The station brings credible information to its audience so as to strive to enhance Christian perspectives on political issues and highlights issues that lead to spiritual nourishment and economic empowerment for the communities.

Key Languages: English

Estimated no. of listeners: 7 000 000

Key Cities Covered: Rift Valley, Western & Nyanza Provinces

Ghetto Radio

Urban Station

Ghetto Radio was set up to reveal a fuller picture of urban African ghetto life and culture through which ghetto inhabitants, artists as well as regular inhabitants can tell their own stories It offers “street credible” news, views and entertainment by people from the urban ghetto to an audience within and beyond the ghettos.

Key Languages: Sheng, Swahili & English

Estimated no. of listeners: 1 000 000

Key City Covered: Nairobi

Radio Kisima

Christian Contemporary

Christian Radio Service t/a Kisima Radio targets a listenership of all ages. A key USP is the claim to the very best religious presenters/staff you can find.

Key Languages: Kiswahili, Ekegusii & Maasa

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Key City Covered: Nairobi

Mulembe FM

Christian / Commercial

Mulembe FM is the #1 Luhya station speaking to the 17 sub- tribes of the Luhya community and those interested in the Luhya lifestyle. Mulembe is a Luhya word which means ‘Peace’. The slogan is ‘Omwoyo kwa Baluhya’ which simply means the heartbeat of Luhya.

Key Languages:Luhya

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Cities Covered: National



Bahari Fm is one of the many Coastal Stations .They offer a niche by talking to the resident Coastal person either by birth or affiliation. Their presentation style is pleasant, jolly, full of fun with a professional touch. If you are a lover of Coastal Blend of music from Bango, Chakacha, Taarab and the cultural mix of native languages then Bahari FM is your Station of Choice.

Key Languages: Kiswahili, Taita, Giriama & Digo

Estimated no. of listeners: 2 000

Key Cities Covered: Mombasa, South Coast-Kwale, Ukunda, North Coast, Mtwapa, Kilifi & Malindi

Athiani FM


Athiani FM is part of a company whose major role is to be the leading state-of-art media house in Kenya. They are a commercial Kamba-medium entertainment, programing and information radio station targeting the 18-50 age group.

Key Languages: Kamba

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Key Cities Covered: National


Community Issues, Entertainment & Local Music

Amani FM is a community radio station based in Garsen town, Tana River County. The radio station endeavors to empower its target audience through the production and broadcast of high-quality and interactive radio programs focused on peace building, community and national development.

Key Languages: Kiswahili

Estimated no. of listeners: 800 000

Key Cities Covered: Tana Delta Sub-County

Getu Fm


Getu Fm which broadcasts in the Kimeru Language. It is the leading Kimeru Upper Eastern radio station.

Key Languages: Kimeru

Estimated no. of listener: N/A

Key Cities Covered: Meru County



Ingo FM is a 24hr station operating under the KBC banner. The station broadcasts in the Luhya language and reaches nearly all areas inhabited by the Luhya speaking people of Western Kenya. The programming of the station is highly interactive with no omission of dialects. For the best music, social, cultural, environmental, health, sports, politics, youth and children issues

Key Languages: Luhya

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Key Cities Covered: Western Kenya

Kass fm

Commercial Vernacular

Kass FM broadcasts in Kalenjin and is currently the leading radio station in the entire Rift Valley. Kass listeners wherever they are can interact making the world a ‘‘village’’. This has brought together listeners and promoted the sharing of ideas with people abroad.

Key Languages: Kalenjin

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Key Cities Covered: Rift Valley, Nairobi & Central



Coro FM is the leading vernacular station broadcasting in the Kikuyu language and tells ‘the untold story’. Focuses on the bright side of life through its brand promise of Wega Muiyuru (Life is Good) and caters for the interests of the community.

Key Languages: Kikuyu

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Key Cities Covered: Nairobi, Nakuru, Mount Kenya Region

Mayienga 93.5 FM


Mayienga 93.5 FM is a 24 hour Luo vernacular station with a difference in style of broadcast.
This station is modern and responsive to social economic needs of the listener through its robust programming style and  addresses social, economic and political issues of great concern to listeners.

Key Languages: Lou

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Key Cities Covered: Siaya, Migori, Kisumu, Homabay, Busia, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kericho and Eldoret



KITWEK FM is a KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) station broadcasting 24/7 seven days a week in the Kalenjin language. The name KITWEK derives from a Kalenjin word ‘twegu’ meaning talk and hence the tagline KIGOSIN meaning ‘we are listening’. Well informed on all the current happenings from grass roots to international level with reporters from all counties within the region who, together with the news team, compile detailed news and also cover sports, business and current affairs news.

Key Languages: Kalenjin

Estimated no. of listeners: 3 000 000

Key Cities Covered: Rift Valley and parts of Nyanza Province

Kigooco FM


Kigooco FM is a Christian radio station broadcasting in Kikuyu. They set the trend on biblical understanding and promoting Christian values and practices in the society. They offer hope, encouragement and pride themselves in offering positive human interest stories anchored on Christian values. It offers Kikuyu gospel, classical, golden oldies and contemporary music and positive presenter engagement with the listeners.

Key Languages: Kikuyu 

Estimated no. of listeners: N/A

Key Cities Covered: Kikuyu

Mayian FM


Mayian FM is the leading Maasai radio station in Kenya. Broadcasting in the Maa language, the station offers content in tune with the Maasai lifestyle, history and culture which enriches the knowledge and deepens the listeners appreciation of the Maasai tradition.

Key Languages: Maa

Estimated no. of listeners: 150 000

Key Cities Covered: Southern Kenya, Kajido, Narok, Sambura, Laikipia & Ilchamu