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About KMP Productions

KMP Productions is a sister company of the KMP Media Group. KMP Productions has 25 years’ experience in content production and distribution worldwide.

We have a proven track-record in professional content production for TV & digital platforms. Our deep understanding of local communities, what is ‘hot currency’ iro media platforms, knowledge of consumer trends and access to the latest in-country market research and intelligence positions KMP Productions perfectly in the media and entertainment arena!

We produce a wide mix of content / programs :

  • Commercials for TV & radio (from scripting if required to final edit)
  • Creatives for digital and out-of-home campaigns
  • Branded and advertiser-funded programs
  • Corporate showreels
  • Drama, comedy, educational and lifestyle program series
KMP Productions
KMP Productions

Why Choose KMP Productions

We understand the unique objectives of each project and the need for professional content production. Our in-house team includes quality producers, directors, researchers, scriptwriters, cameramen and editors backed by a team of administrators to streamline day-to-day tasks. We offer in-house strategic planning and have exhaustive knowledge of local resources.

All projects are executed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible and based on client budgets.

We Produce Commercials for TV And Radio Stations in Africa

We understand the importance of TV and radio commercials in a brand’s macro marketing strategy. Our approach starts with an analysis of the client brief and the identification of clients’ target audience. With our deep understanding of local communities and consumer trends, we ensure that our creative ideas and concepts appeal to the target audience and are authentic, fresh and engaging. Each concept must tell a compelling story, whilst communicating the right message and in local languages where relevant.
KMP Productions
KMP Productions

We Produce Branded Content

KMP Productions-produced branded content has helped our clients deliver higher returns on their media spend and earn customer loyalty. Our creative teams have managed to effectively communicate each client’s brand values and purpose to the target audience. We ensure that the branded content complements the client’s classical above-the-line media activity and drives consumption by suggesting ways to use clients’ products and services. Product placement is weaved into the storyline and creatives.

We Produce Advertiser-Funded Programmes

KMP-produced AFPs help our clients in several ways :

  • Earn admiration from local communities and create awareness at grass-root level
  • Grow brands / sell products in harmony with the local environment
  • Seen as investing heavily in local communities as good corporate citizens
  • Improve brand health metric
KMP Productions
KMP Productions

We Produce Drama & Comedy Series

We aim to connect and inspire society and bring about positive change. Our stories are bold and based on masterclass scripts. They feature best screen-plays, involve compelling characters, terrific visual styles and on-the-nose dialogues. Our wide-ranging content is the perfect mix of action, tragedy, drama and romance to spark our audience’s imagination.

For Portuguese and French speaking countries, we offer a choice of sub-titled and dubbed versions.

We Produce Lifestyle Programmes

Our programs promote general fitness, healthy lifestyles and emotional well-being of the society.

We have created 1000’s of programmes covering topics as

  • Women’s Health
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise
  • Role of Men and Women as Leaders in the Society

 Our cooking shows feature cuisines from all over Africa. They inspire to enjoy the leisure of cooking whilst cultivating a healthy lifestyle based on inputs from experienced nutritionists.

KMP Productions

Our Programmes

We unite the continent through local entertainment content and our programmes have earned admiration from local communities & clients alike. Our unique content is designed to entertain and bring people together, capture maximum audience imagination and enjoy top recall, popularity, advocacy, desire and abuzz.
KMP Productions
KMP Productions

Our Services

  • Receive Client Brief & Analyse Target Audience
  • Budgeting and setting up Production Timelines
  • Scripting and Researching
  • Scouting for locations, actors and production staff for each project. Identify Directors and operating teams for set designing, lighting, filming and audio recording
  • Creating graphics, animations, typography and music
  • Editing and delivery of final cut
  • Dubbing and subtitling wherever needed