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Static Billboards

Static Billboards, with their larger-than-life visual displays and bold graphics are an ideal way to capture the attention of people as they move throughout their daily journeys. Billboards are an excellent way for brands to communicate with their target audiences in conjunction with other media channels.

KMP Media, with its large footprint in Africa, can help you identify key locations, near busy freeways, secondary roadways, thoroughfares and marketplaces with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic for an impactful OOH campaign.

Street Poles

Street poles offer a high recall. They are extremely effective in targeting specific areas demographics and segments. They are cost effective and can drive consumers to you if strategically placed.

KMP Media with its large media network in Africa, can help you execute your OOH marketing strategy efficiently.

Digital Billboards

Creative flexibility, quicker production and installation and ability to target specific audiences at relevant times & day parts are some of the most important benefits of advertising on digital billboards…

KMP Media can help you identify digital screens in key high volume pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas…

In-Mall Advertising

Shopping malls are a favorite amongst the elite class and younger generation who are brand conscious. This platform is very effective in creating and increasing brand awareness, reinforce brand positioning, targeting specific locations, target groups and influence purchase decision.

KMP Media offers several options to his clients – facade hoarding, glass facades, elevator branding, washroom branding, parking, food court, and more.

Taxi Wraps

Transit advertising is one of the biggest, oldest and highly effective advertising tool. A vast majority of adults spend over 70% of their time away from homes and see ads on buses and taxis every day. 83% people remember and influenced by OOH ads.

Building Wraps

Building wraps Have a huge visual impact and are an incredibly powerful way of occupying large spaces and dominating a section of urban landscape. Large format displays are almost unmissable.

Bridge Banners

Bridges are often high-traffic areas and are a perfect setting for brands to advertise on for OOH purposes. These often allow for high visibility and larger advertising canvases.