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Radio Commercials

In Africa radio is an extremely accessible medium.

Advertising on radio stations is very cost-effective and great for frequency exposure.

At KMP Media we research the programming content & audience of key stations and make recommendations to the advertisers based on their needs. We are particularly hands-on with the profiles of the announcers and their styles.

Live Reads

Live reads are highly impactful as they are read by well-known, established, well-followed and trusted presenters.At KMP Media we help our clients choose the radio station, on-air talent, day parts and budget-split to build up successful live read campaigns.


Sponsor popular programs on radio and generate greater brand recall amongst mass audiences.

OB Activations

On-ground activations are a key strategy for brands looking to advertise on radio platforms as they allow for physical connections with listeners and play a vital role in attracting new customers at a local level.

In-Studio Interviews

In-Studio interviews are a great way for brands to share their story on a personal level with a mass audience of listeners. This provides an authentic platform that generates greater trust amongst audiences.