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TV Commercials

We produce and place TV commercials of varying durations from 10” – 60” (seconds). KMP Media produces high-quality commercials for its clients. We can also help customise your commercials to reflect the local cultures, societal truths & relevant lingos.


‘Stand-alone’ airtime strategically placed within key programmes for a clutter-free environment.

KMP Media has vast experience and resources to produce squeeze-backs and place on key stations and programmes.

TV Billboards

These are mini adverts and also known as “Sponsorship Bumpers”. These indents can vary in durations – generally from 5” to 15” and can be used Inside the show during the opening break, ad breaks and closing. They can also be attached to the promos.

However, billboards must be handled intelligently. Running the same creative over & over can annoy viewers.

We are experienced at producing a stable of high quality billboards for each project, to keep things fresh and engaging.

Branded Content

Branded content involves creating content that is directly linked to a brand. Through this approach, we help brands gain customer loyalty and trust.

KMP Media can curate an ideal way to connect with your customers on a more intimate level and showcase the brand’s story, history & values.

Advertiser Funded Programming

Advertiser Funded Programming is a content-led marketing concept, that offers brands the opportunity to be a part of a successful TV show, buy into its editorial integrity, enjoy a competitive edge, exclusivity, maximum value, significant activation opportunities and deeper brand experiences. KMP Media has successfully executed several AFP projects. Tropika Island of Treasures is the latest project implemented by our team on multiple platforms across Africa.


Lower-thirds are graphic overlays in the bottom third of the TV or digital screen. Ideal to grab viewer’s attention and put the focus on your brand during regular programming. KMP Media can help produce top quality lower-thirds at an affordable production fee.


We offer a range of sponsorship options on key TV stations across Africa. This creates simple on-air association to fully-integrated partnership incl. product placement, branded content, branded promos, squeeze-backs, billboards, and more …

KMP Media has planned and executed several successful sponsorship campaigns for several blue-chip brands incl. Doom, Dettol, Clover to name a few.

Product Placement

Product placement also known as embedded marketing, is a modern strategy for brands to reach their target audience. From verbal (dialogue) placements to subtle product appearances to promote brand placements, KMP Media can achieve it all for you.