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Wealth and Wisdom


Freedom for Life 1

A TV series for Afrillennials, independent young women and men who want to be financially independent and want to start living their dreams. Offers sound advice with a step-by-step guide to creating wealth and security.

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Learn to save

Learn to Save Season 1

Season one deals with all aspects of personal finance, from saving to budgeting, to getting out of debt to what to do to grow your money. The show is presented by a male who epitomizes financial savvy, and is written with easy-to-understand concepts that are highlighted by graphics, animation and footage.

Season 2 deals with living frugally in the home. This season, presented by a warm and motherly women, deals with topics such as how to save electricity and water to save money, how to shop smart and save money, how to buy and cook in bulk to save money, and how to stretch meals. The show even covers topics such as how to entertain the family cheaply, and how to make additional money from the home.

Season One Trailer:

Season Two Trailer: